NPK Rhum is a fusion of the island’s most valuable resources, sugarcane from Saint Aubin and a range of natural flavours.
NPK Rhum is developed with extreme care from triple distilled pure sugar cane and distilled water ( rum agricole) and targets a young discerning consumer demanding an innovative product.

Given that the marketing of rum is clearly characterised by a certain classicism, SUNAIRSEA Distribution Ltd created a range of rum, blending modernity and tradition.
The brand NPK Rhum consists of 7 references, offering a range of light rum containing 40% alcohol by volume. NPK Rhum has endeavoured not to change the rum but to revisit it, with a view to updating a product that had become somewhat too classic.

NPK aims to modernise rum consumption by offering a quality product, presented in modern and trendy packaging. The Rum is produced by Compagnie Saint Aubin, a company located in the south of Mauritius that has been engaged in sugar cane cultivation since 1819. Bolstered by this tradition, we’ve created a range of products with high quality standards.

We have developed three major product ranges : white rum, gold rum and avoured white rums. All these products are manufactured with a maximum alcohol content of 40 ABV. The rums have a very pure taste similar to products like BACARDI or HAVANA.
All added avours are 100% natural and the sugar content does not exceed 50 g/litre. The water used for the blending of rum is controlled puri ed water. All of our products have been created by a renowned oenologist, specialised in rum blending.